I hope those that celebrated had a happy Hanukkah. Merry Christmas, happy new year, and happy holidays to everyone.


Today’s blog entry is my top 11 or so for the year. As is my past practice, I have included important blog entries that do not make the list . Most of those though were in the top 15. A few from last year dropped and there are a few additions as well. It is a mix of laws involved. You see the Fair Housing Act, and IDEA. You also see a mix of title I and title II cases. Not a lot with title III. Here they are in reverse order.


  1. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is not a duck. The blog entry discussing the Supreme Court case Perez v. Sturgis Public Schools, which discusses exhaustion under the IDEA and how that works in the case of a compensatory damages claim.


  1. Why all colleges must do the two-step. The blog entry discussing the best preventive law steps for dealing with essential eligibility requirements at colleges and universities.


  1. ESA in Iowa. The blog entry discussing the conundrum of what happens when you have a resident that needs an ESA and other residents who are allergic to them.


  1. Fundamental alteration, undue burden, deliberate indifference, facially neutral rules can be challenged. This one is a new blog entry to the list.


  1. Failure to accommodate: what is sufficient notice to an employer. This one is a new blog entry to the list.


  1. ADA claims when collective bargaining agreements exists. A new blog entry to the list.


  1. Does the ADA and §504 allow for disparate impact claims: the view from the Ninth Circuit.


  1. Indian tribes and sovereign immunity.


  1. Can you get compensatory and punitive damages in retaliation cases.


  1. Unreasonable delay in granting a reasonable accommodation is actionable. This one is new to the list.


Winner is: It’s not even close. This entry has twice as many views at the second place entry. The blog entry that was the most popular for this calendar year is The ADA and the applicable statute of limitations.


Have a happy and safe new year and have a happy holidays. Will be back after January 2. I have a whole bunch of cases in my pipeline to blog on.