The following books, journal articles, and other publications are a selected list of my works.


  • Understanding the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)80179168, Fourth Edition (American Bar Association, 2013).
    The Americans with Disabilities Act remains an extremely broad and comprehensive law. This book highlights various aspects of the ADA, so that by the end the reader will have an excellent overview as well as a framework for dealing with the ADA in a preventive manner. Much has changed since the last edition, most notably, the detail included in the remedies chapter.
    — In addition to some general thoughts, there is now a discussion about standing, when a complaint is sufficient, statute of limitations, and mixed-motive jury instructions, along with expanded discussions of disparate treatment cases, class actions, jury selection, and Batson challenges.Expanded and new topics include:

    • ADA as it relates to sports, including the Office of Civil Rights guidance on § 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.
    • Utilizing negligence and negligence per se actions as an alternative to title III claims
    • Highly detailed chapter on remedies and procedural issues
    • Improved checklists and much improved litigation forms
  • Understanding the Americans With Disabilities Act, Third Edition (American Bar Association, March, 2010).
    This book, written from the perspective of a lawyer with a disability gives an easy to understand road map of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It also discusses preventive lawyering with regards to the ADA. Author William Goren has a congenital bilateral hearing loss of 65-90 db+ mitigated by hearing aids and lip reading. For other reasons, Mr. Goren also uses voice dictation technology.
  • Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act, Second Edition (American Bar Association, August, 2006). Cited numerous times in various law review articles and Chapter 3 reprinted online: Concept of Undue Hardship and Reasonable Accommodation in the Employment Context81180169.
  • Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act: An Overview for Lawyers, January 2000, American Bar Association (Solo and Small Firm Practice Section). Cited numerous times in various law review articles.1701818217118283


Constitutional Law

Preventive Law

  • The Americans With Disabilities Act and the Post-Secondary Student with a Disability: A Preventive Law Approach, Preventive Law Reporter, V.20, No.1, pp. 3-6 (Summer 2001).
  • Preventive Law and the ADA, Preventive Law Reporter, V.14, No.4, pp.19-20,31(Winter 1995).17418586

Americans with Disabilities Act

Sports Law

  • Flipper Flap and the ADA108208197. December 2002 issue of the DuPage County Bar Association Journal, DCBA Brief, V. 15, Issue 4, pp. 6-8 (December 2002).
  • Americans With Disabilities Act and Professional Sports: A Preventive Law approach (the Casey Martin case), Published in the Spring 1998 issue of the Preventive Law Reporter.
  • On Gymnastics and Cheerleading: An Instructive ADA Case, XV The Sports Lawyer 3-4 (Spring 1997).198209109


  • Help Your Institution Avoid Some Common Mistakes When Dismissing Students with Disabilities110210199, Disability Compliance for Higher Education, March 14, 2013.
  • Prelaw Advising: We Owe It to Our Students to Get It Right, The Paralegal Educator, a peer-reviewed journal for paralegal educators published by the American Association for Paralegal Education, V. 25, #1, at pp.38-39.
  • Paralegal Programs and the Americans with Disabilities Act: Some Traps, The Paralegal Educator, V. 21, No. 1, at pp. 13-14, 16 (Spring 2007).
  • ADA and Paralegal Education: Current Issues and Future Dilemmas, The Paralegal Educator, V.15, No.2, at pp. 11-12 (August 2001).
  • The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act, it’s Interrelationship to the Americans With Disabilities Act and Preventive Law, Florida Bar Journal, July-August 1997 issue. Cited numerous times in various law reviews.200211111




  • Service Animals Infographics, put out by the office of Georgia State Senator Kirkpatrick(R), May, 2019. The pamphlet discusses the federal laws applicable to service animals, emotional support animals, and therapy dogs as of May 2019.



Why Law Firm Websites Must Be Accessible, a white paper available on Omnizant website.