Mr. Goren partners with organizations to develop preventive systems to ensure compliance with the ADA (Titles I–III, V) , the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and related laws, such as the Fair Housing Act and the Air Carrier Access Act.

His extensive expertise-cultivated since 1990 as an attorney/scholar, including 12 years of full time teaching in higher education-, helps clients anticipate and understand the complexities of the ADA/Rehabilitation Act and related laws in order to minimize the risk of costly lawsuits and promote equal access in the workplace. He does this in two different ways. On the legal side of his practice, he provides legal advice and also will occasionally serve as co-counsel on ADA and ADA related matters. On the consulting side, he helps: clients figure out just what ADA issues they are dealing with; provides in person and web-based training services; and where an attorney (plaintiff or defense), needs help breaking the ADA’s complexity down for the attorneys on the case, the judge, and/or the jury, he provides consulting expert, expert witness, and/or consultant on the litigation services.

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