Website terms and conditions are a necessary evil in the business. While there is an academic bent to my blog — I was in academics full-time for 12 years — I am a big believer in plain language and demystifying complex things. In that spirit, here goes:

Dear Reader:

When you read this website and the blog associated with it, Understanding the ADA, please keep in mind the following. If you cannot or will not accept what is stated below, please direct your browser somewhere else. If you go ahead and read the content on the site, I will conclude that you agree to all of this. I do not want there to be any misunderstanding as to the purpose of this website or as to the relationship between author and reader.

This is a website providing information. It is neither legal advice nor is it intended as an advertisement for legal services.

Unless you have signed a written agreement with me, I am not your lawyer and therefore, you are not my client. That means there is no attorney-client relationship. Even if you are one of my clients, the information here is intended for a general audience and is not tailored for your specific needs. If you need legal advice, get in touch with a lawyer directly. You would be making a mistake to make important decisions relating to your life, liberty or property based only on information you read online. You should not do that with any website, and certainly not this one.

Although I try my best in every instance to be accurate, it could be that some information on this website contains errors. I’m a lawyer, all lawyers are human, and humans all make mistakes. Moreover, the information you find here may have become out-of-date. Opinions get overruled and the law changes. I DISCLAIM ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES RELATING TO THE INFORMATION ON THIS SITE, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE ACCURACY OR CURRENTNESS OF THE INFORMATION CONTAINED THEREIN.

The vast majority of the time I do not editorialize or state opinions of what I think the law should be. Instead I talk about what the law is, where it may be going, and preventive tips in light of all that. In the rare instances that I do indicate some opinion or put a spin on an issue, that is in no way a reflection on or a representation of any opinion held by my clients. Furthermore, I never write about ongoing matters in which I represent the participants.

I like getting e-mail from my readers, and if you would like to contact me, go right ahead. Also, do feel free to offer your comments on any of my blog entries. Those comments make the blog a much more interesting place. But please use discretion when doing so as absent a written agreement in place, I’m not your lawyer, and so any such communication neither creates an attorney-client relationship nor is the communication confidential. If you write to me and I don’t get back to you, please don’t take it personally. It does not mean that I do not like you. It’s just that I’m very busy and I have to prioritize.

If you’re with the press, or are looking for a speaker at your event, I will, absent some kind of conflict of interest, probably be more than happy to talk with you.

Check back to this page from time to time, as I reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions, and if you continue to visit the site after those changes are made, I will assume you accept them.

Thank you for visiting my website and/or my blog, Understanding the ADA.

William D. Goren, J.D., LL.M.