• ADA Compliance Auditing
  • Legal advising and co-counseling services
  • Training and Consulting (on site, video conferencing, webinars)
  • Case evaluation
  • Consulting witness services
  • Expert witness services
  • Consulting on litigation
  • Topics include but not limited to:
    • Determining essential functions of the job, including but not limited to whether attendance is an essential function of the job.
    • Determining undue hardship/undue burden or fundamental alteration to the nature of the business
    • Direct threat determination process
    • Hosanna-Tabor analysis (religious organizations only).
    • ADA/Rehabilitation Act grievance procedures
    • Determining whether a prohibited pre-employment medical inquiry/medical exam exists
    • Effective communication
    • Professional licensing/credentialing
    • Interactive process
    • Internet and accessibility and its consequences
    • Service animal/emotional support animals
    • Disability related inquiries and medical exams

Examples of Non-Profits

  • Healthcare and hospitals
  • Religious organizations
  • Physician health programs