Back in 2015, I blogged on the ACA proposed final regulations as it affected non-discrimination against persons with disabilities, here (this blog entry is still worthwhile reading). It turns out that the rule was finalized in 2016. Somehow, I didn’t blog on that. Now, HHS has issued a revised final rule for §1557. I

Today’s blog entry talks about a case that is not an ADA case at all. However, I do expect the case to have a huge impact on a particular area of ADA jurisprudence. As we know, such as discussed here, there has been considerable debate in the courts over whether failure to accommodate cases

Today’s blog entry discusses the DOJ Title II final rule on web accessibility, including mobile apps. The final rule can be found here. As usual, a blog entry is divided into categories, and they are: 1) the actual regulations; and 2) highlights of DOJ response to comments and thoughts/takeaways


Actual Regulations


I have been absolutely slammed this week, which is why I am so late in getting a blog entry up for the week. Before getting started on the blog entry for the day, I do want to mention that the Department of Justice has now issued a final rule on website accessibility involving Title II

Today’s blog entry is a discussion of the Department of Transportation rule published on March 12, 2024 entitled, “ensuring safe accommodation for air travelers with disabilities using wheelchairs,” here. As usual, the blog entry is divided into categories and they are: the DOT summary of regulatory provisions; and thoughts/takeaways and particular concerns. The blog

Today’s blog entry come from the Supreme Court of Maryland in a case called In the Matter of Antavis Chavis, here. The case, a 4-3 decision in favor of the plaintiff, should have high-stakes testing entities, and even colleges, and universities reevaluating the documentation they demand before deciding to make accommodations/modifications for an individual

I hope those that celebrated had a happy Hanukkah. Merry Christmas, happy new year, and happy holidays to everyone.

Today’s blog entry is my top 11 or so for the year. As is my past practice, I have included important blog entries that do not make the list . Most of those though were