I always assumed that a dog satisfying the definitions of a service animal under the DOJ final regulations for title II and title III of the ADA would have to be automatically allowed by an employer where the employee has a service dog satisfying that definition. At least in the Eighth Circuit, that isn’t the

Today’s blog entry explores an unpublished decision from the Sixth Circuit on April 29, 2024, that discusses some important points regarding reasonable accommodations. The case is Yanick v. The Kroger Company of Michigan, here. As usual, the blog entry is divided into categories, and they are: facts; what is sufficient notice from an employee

Back in 2015, I blogged on the ACA proposed final regulations as it affected non-discrimination against persons with disabilities, here (this blog entry is still worthwhile reading). It turns out that the rule was finalized in 2016. Somehow, I didn’t blog on that. Now, HHS has issued a revised final rule for §1557. I

Today’s blog entry talks about a case that is not an ADA case at all. However, I do expect the case to have a huge impact on a particular area of ADA jurisprudence. As we know, such as discussed here, there has been considerable debate in the courts over whether failure to accommodate cases

Today’s blog entry discusses the DOJ Title II final rule on web accessibility, including mobile apps. The final rule can be found here. As usual, a blog entry is divided into categories, and they are: 1) the actual regulations; and 2) highlights of DOJ response to comments and thoughts/takeaways


Actual Regulations


I have been absolutely slammed this week, which is why I am so late in getting a blog entry up for the week. Before getting started on the blog entry for the day, I do want to mention that the Department of Justice has now issued a final rule on website accessibility involving Title II

Hockey, Ice Hockey, Puck, Hockey Stick

Picture of Hockey helmet, puck, and stick (brown and black colors).

Before getting started on the blog entry of the day, Dr. Bob Emmons, a forensic psychiatrist, and I just published a peer-reviewed paper in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons entitled, “The Americans with Disabilities Act and Appropriateness of Referral In