Today’s blog entry is my yearly wrap up of the most popular blog entries for 2022. As I always do, there are some additional blog entries that I keep in the greatest hits category due to what I believe is their significance even though they may not be the most popular. With respect to the most popular for 2022, we did have the blog entry discussing being careful about taking working accommodations away dropped off. The others are either in the most popular or continue to be of particular significance. Here is the list for 2022. My thanks to all my blog readers. Writing this blog, it definitely the most favorite part of my law and consulting practices from the least popular to the most popular.


  1. The California ESA bill received 517 views. I also recommend the blog entry discussing the Illinois approach as well.
  2. Just what is a private club received 517 views.
  3. The DOJ statement on the ADA is a nondelegable duty received 535 views.
  4. A relatively recent blog entry discussing how title III standing is undoubtedly headed to the United States Supreme Court received 572 views.
  5. What do you have to show to get compensatory damages under title II received 621 views.
  6. How sovereign immunity applies to Indian tribes received 641 views.
  7. Supreme Court cases where they have been and where they are going received 758 views. Keep in mind that the upcoming term is likely to have more cases that would be relevant to this particular blog entry.
  8. The latest HUD circular discussing animals and housing received 759 views.
  9. Where does an independent contractor turn if they are discriminated against on the basis of disability received 1037 views.
  10. Can you get compensatory and punitive damages in retaliation cases received 1553 views.
  11. Does the ADA and §504 allow for disparate impact claims received 1715 views.
  12. The Iowa Supreme Court case of Cohen v. Clark, with discusses conflict thing obligation between the owner of an ESA and people needing a no pet policy, received 1776 views.
  13. In first place, the ADA and the applicable statute of limitations with 3999 views.


It isn’t really surprising that the list is dominated by remedies questions. After all, law, some would say unfortunately so, is a business. Again, there are other blog entries in this greatest hits categories that do not make the list but I keep them on because of their overall significance.


Happy holidays y’all.