First off, I hope for those who celebrate Hanukkah that it was a festive and happy one. For those who have Christmas and other holidays upcoming, good luck on your shopping and have a great holiday! When you need a break from the holiday mishigas (Yiddish for craziness), the latest employment Law blog carnival is out. So many ADA issues, as we are well aware, bump into employment matters. However, there are so many more labor and employment matters that indirectly affect persons with disabilities. Take a spin over to the carnival if you get a chance (in interest of full disclosure, you will see my blog entry what’s wrong with this job description mentioned in that carnival). You can find the employment Law blog carnival at Win-Win HR, where Lorene Schaefer is hosting the Employment Law Blog Carnival: A Festival of Lessons.. Considering Hanukkah is the festival of lights, I find her theme a Festival of lessons quite apropos:-)

Now here is a list of the most visited blog entries in 2015 of Understanding the ADA. Keep in mind, this list focuses on the blog entries that were the most visited in 2015 regardless of when they were actually written. The list is in reverse order:

10. From August of 2013, what does it mean to exhaust administrative remedies.

9. From May 2013, using the ADA as the basis of a negligence per se cause of action.

8. From December 2012, are public colleges and universities immune from suit as the result of sovereign immunity?

7. From February 2014, temporary disabilities and the ADA.

6. From April 2013, ADA and the applicable statute of limitations.

5. From July 2013, the complexities of suing a state court system for violating the ADA.

4. From February 2013, what do you have to show to get damages under title II of the ADA.

3. From June 2013, the blog entry discussing University of Texas southwestern Medical Center v. Nassar. Interestingly enough, this blog entry is in a virtual tie with respect to our number one blog entry for the year if you look at the analytics since this blog has been in existence.

2. From April 2013, service dogs v. therapy dogs.


1. The most visited blog entry of the year has been visited just about double the amount of times as the second most visited blog entry of the year. As mentioned above, it is a virtual dead heat (only 19 views separation) between this blog entry and the blog entry discussing the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center v. Nassar case with respect to blog entries visited when looked at it from the time when this blog began.


From August 2014, Can you get compensatory and punitive damages in ADA retaliation claims.

Happy holidays everyone and happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See Everyone next year!!!