Today’s blog entry is going to be my last substantive blog entry of the year. My daughter is on break the last two weeks of December, and just about everybody takes the Christmas season off anyway. The very last blog entry of the calendar year is when I traditionally do my top 10 Understanding the

Robin Shea’s latest blog entry, which can be found here. Discusses some of the things people say about HR, including: “HR protect the company’s interests, not yours;” “if you go to HR, HR reports the complaint back to the manager and then you are labeled a malcontent;” “I have yet to see a human

I want to wish everyone a happy holiday, whether it be Hanukkah or Christmas or another holiday being celebrated this season. In keeping with the international spirit of the season, I thought I would focus this blog entry on international law.

Starting in the first edition of my book and continuing in all the subsequent