As I have mentioned before, I am not afraid to blog on cases discussed by fellow bloggers. Recently, Richard Hunt, whose blog appears on my blog roll, discussed a whole bunch of cases. Many of those cases I have put in my to blog pipeline, and two of which are the subject of today’s blog.

This case was pointed out to me by a member of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Bar Association, of which I am a member, on its facebook page, which is where most of the communication for the Association occurs. This case raises several interesting issues: 1. Does hiring a person to be an ASL

Few cases today actually go to trial. However, the ones that do go to trial involving juries necessarily mean that a jury has to be picked first. Jurors aren’t so much picked as they are eliminated. With respect to jury selection, there are three kinds of jury challenges. First, there is a peremptory challenge. Peremptory