Rolf Jensen and Associates Inc. v. eighth judicial District Court of the state of Nevada

Today’s blog entry discusses the DOJ Title II final rule on web accessibility, including mobile apps. The final rule can be found here. As usual, a blog entry is divided into categories, and they are: 1) the actual regulations; and 2) highlights of DOJ response to comments and thoughts/takeaways


Actual Regulations


Before we get to the blog entry of the week, a housekeeping matter. I will be out of the office from Friday evening and returning late Tuesday. So, a blog entry for the week after this will come up later in that week rather than earlier to middle of the week as is usually the

Last week, both the DOJ and the EEOC issued technical assistance memorandums/documents detailing their concerns about using AI in employment. It definitely made big news. As someone who knows individuals have gone through AI processes in hiring, these guidances are not surprising as one just had to figure that AI was being used to screen