As promised, this week I am putting up the 2018 understanding the ADA greatest hits blog entry. It was a great year for the blog making the ABA 100 for the fifth year in a row. Simply wouldn’t do this and couldn’t do this without the great readers here. The only thing I will say is please don’t be afraid to comment. We don’t get a lot of comments, but when we do, they really add to the understanding of the blog entry in all its complexity.

Two blog entries that are always there because I feel they are very very important even if they do not make the greatest hits are: 1) ADA compliance auditing: higher education version; and 2) Whether the ADA is a nondelegable duty.


The greatest hits for 2018:

In reverse order, they are:

  1. New to the list this year and with 794 hits, service dog and emotional support animals with respect to employment.
  2. With 802 hits, service dog v. therapy dogs.
  3. New to the list this year and with 856 hits, where does an independent contractor turn when he or she suffers disability discrimination.
  4. With 1021 hits, just when does the statute of limitation BEGIN to run in a failure to accommodate case.
  5. New to the list this year with 1049 hits, why all colleges need to do the two-step with respect to determining essential eligibility requirements of their program.
  6. With 1240 hits, suing a state court system is complex but can be done.
  7. With 1393 hits, what does it mean to exhaust administrative remedies.
  8. New to the list this year and with 1437 hits, just what is a private club.
  9. With 2023 hits, what do you have to show to get compensatory damages and title II cases.
  10. With 2130 hits, the ADA and the applicable statute of limitations.
  11. With 2674 hits, ADA and ADA related cases at the Supreme Court.
  12. The number one blog entry and consistently so over the years with 2887 hits, can you get compensatory and punitive damages in retaliation cases. This blog entry is consistently number one year in and year out, though for this year, the ADA related cases at the Supreme Court blog entry came in a close second by just 200 hits. In the past, this particular blog entry has had doubled the amount of hits of the second-place entry.

Happy holidays and happy new year to everyone!